Han So Hee Reveals How My Name Role Left Impact In Her Life

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Han So Hee is growing up as an individual and actress after her recent series took the industry by storm.

As a model, Han So Hee did not know she would also excel in other industries. When she began her career in 2016, she landed small roles and waited for years before scoring the first-ever lead roles that pushed her to the spotlight.

After having minor roles, she finally had her biggest break when she starred in JTBC's hit series, The World of the Married. The show itself ended, but it became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Han So Hee's portrayal led her to score more lead roles, appearing in Nevertheless and Netflix's My Name.

Before expanding her career, even more, Han So Hee spoke candidly about her role in My Name and how it changed her life.

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Han So Hee On Trying Action in My Name

Years before she turns 30, Han So Hee suddenly felt the need to develop herself due to a lot of pressures. In a new interview, she revealed that she could not only feel excited whenever she lands a new role. Although she knows there are a lot of projects she can do, she reportedly cannot face them all.

For instance, her role in My Name led her to undergo extensive physical training and exercise to ensure she could do her role. Even after the series ended, the habit she developed while filming the series reportedly stuck with her.

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"'My Name' definitely had a lot of influence on my life pattern. In the past, I focused on food-oriented diets as opposed to exercise but I learned this time that working out can be a mode of stress relief. After that, I realized exercise was something I had to do and my outlook changed entirely," the actress said.

It might help her in her next project, Soundtrack #1, with Park Hyung Sik.

While she already grew better as an actress, Han So Hee reflected on why she thinks people started to be drawn to her.

Why Do People Love Han So Hee?

When asked during the same interview why she thinks people are drawn to her, the actress offered a safe answer and said that people probably found her own spark and color.

According to Han So Hee, she has been a shy type ever since. But since she tries to express herself, she believes that her fans like her that way.

"I want to live youthfully while wearing, eating, and expressing what I like. As long as I don't stray away from what's ethical and moral, I want to live while expressing myself freely," she went on.

Han So Hee will show more of her side in her next project, but she has not revealed more information about Soundtrack #1 yet.

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