Former LOONA Member Chuu Defended by Brand Company Over Blockberry Creative's Abuse Claims

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Former LOONA member Chuu has been removed from the girl group after Blockberry Entertainment kicked her out over alleged abuse toward staff. The company said the idol mistreated the staff verbally and misused her power throughout her stint.

Blockberry Entertainment apologized to the staff who reportedly suffered Chuu’s abuse, but several fans and notable people in the past days have since defended her.

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Chuu Receives Support After Being Ousted From LOONA

Staff members, fans, and industry insiders recently came forward to defend Chuu and dismiss the claims about her alleged verbal abuse.

As quoted by Korea JoongAng Daily, a screenwriter for Chuu's YouTube channel Chuu Can Do It, wrote a message on her Instagram Story where she called Blockberry Creative’s allegations against her “ridiculous.”

"Chuu was the kind of person who worried about other staff members getting paid properly, even in her difficult situation," the channel said.

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Staff in the idol’s brand deals and TV shows also shared their own experience with Chuu and said there was no way the statement from the company was true.

One recalled how Chuu gave snacks to them to cheer them up. Meanwhile, an employee of Job Korea said she was well-mannered and kind.

Most recently, webcomic artist Wondung wrote an Instagram post and divulged how Chuu encouraged people when they are tired. A photographer who worked with LOONA sent a positive message to Chuu, letting her know that they would always root for her and support her.

Chuu’s Former Co-Member Hyunjin Hurt After Her Exit

Following Blockberry Creative’s announcement about Chuu’s future with LOONA, Hyunjin targeted the agency and shared her disappointment through the girl group’s communication platform.

She told her fans how angry and hurt she felt, writing, "My head hurts; I'm so heartbroken and angry," she wrote. "But the most heartbroken one right now is Chuu. Please give her a lot of support and love."

Hyunjin missed the MBC show “2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Preview Show Catharsis” after the heartbreaking event. While fans assumed it had something to do with Chuu’s exit, Blockberry Creative insisted that the idol’s schedule only had a conflict and assured fans she would be back next week.

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