Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected?

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Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected Shinra Kusakabe
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One of the most obvious connections between Fire Force and Soul Eater is that they share the same creator in Atsushi Ohkubo. But are Fire Force and Soul Eater connected in terms of storyline and universe? Is Soul Eater a continuation of Fire Force?

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Fire Force and Soul Eater's Similarities

Aside from having the same creator, Soul Eater and Fire Force also have the same art style. Most were okay with this, as it usually happens when a creator releases multiple series. Moreover, the art style is the creator’s branding, as seen in the works of Makoto Shinkai, Studio Ghibli, and so on.

Another huge similarity is that Fire Force’s ending seemingly leads to Soul Eater. Toward the end of Fire Force, Shinra is seen looking toward a new world.


This world is very similar to the world of Soul Eater. In fact, younger versions of Maka and Soul were seen in the last panels of the manga.

Maka Soul Eater

This connection (or probably a hint from the creator), caused viewers to believe that the two are set in the same world.

How else will Maka and Soul appear as children? And if Maka and Soul were still kids by the end of Fire Force, it might mean that Soul Eater is the sequel to Fire Force.


Lord Death also made a small cameo in the series. Some even noticed that Shinra is part of the easter eggs that appear in Fire Force’s 8th Company and that Arthur Boyle is the original meister of Excalibur.

Arthur Boyle Excalibur

The popular Soul Eater moon is also seen in the Fire Force manga, causing fans to further believe that the theories are right.

All of these similarities lead viewers to believe that the two shows are indeed connected.


With the solid pieces of evidence available, it is hard to convince fans that there is no connection between Fire Force and Soul Eater, but is this really the case?

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Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected?

Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected?

Unfortunately, Atsushi Ohkubo has not confirmed this matter as of writing. He also hasn't denied it, though, giving hope to those who wish for the two series to be part of the same franchise.

We also cannot say that Fire Force is the prequel to Soul Eater without any confirmation from the creator.

It would be interesting, though, if the theories were proven true.


A confirmation will also give the spotlight back to Soul Eater, as fans will want to see more similarities between the two popular shows.

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