Soul Eater: The Complete Ranking System Explained

Soul Eater: The Complete Ranking System

Soul Eater: The Complete Ranking System

In most school-themed and shounen anime, there are different ranking systems to categorize the characters based on their skills. The same is true for Soul Eater. As it is primarily set at Death Weapon Meister Academy, there is a star-based ranking system in the series. So, we explain the Soul Eater ranking system below!

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Soul Eater Student Ranking System

Soul Eater Student Ranking System Maka
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In Soul Eater, the Death Weapon Meister Academy follows a special star-based ranking system wherein students and weapons are evaluated based on their performance. For every evaluation, students receive an identification card to present their ranks.

Take note that these ranks are applicable to the E.A.T Class or the Especially Advantaged Talent Class only. The three ranks are as follows:

One-star – Those under this rank are considered the lowest rank. They are tasked to complete their quests and create death scythes.

Top-performing students under this rank can take part in dangerous missions with three-star students.

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They can also advance if they are able to wield stronger weapons.

Two-star – Those who reach this rank are considered skilled weapons and meisters. To become a part of this rank, the faculty of the E.A.T Class must approve the student's status.

There are also students who are chosen after performing well during A-rank missions.

Two-star students stand out as they wear formal attire during missions.

Three-star – They are the highest-ranking students within the E.A.T Class. They are skilled in various types of combat and must participate in dangerous tasks.

Soul Eater Student Rankings Explained
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Promotion to this rank is not easy as interested students will need the approval of the faculty members.

Another way to join this rank is to wield the Holy Sword and show an immensely strong will.

Since the role of each rank varies, it will be easy to differentiate one student’s rank from the other.

The ranks also encourage students to improve their skills for better privileges and more chances to fight against stronger enemies

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Soul Eater Faculty Ranking System

Just like the students, the faculty members are also ranked based on their skills. As such, the privileges vary depending on each teacher's rank.

Instructors – Not much has been said about the instructors except that their role is to guide the students. They have access to the level 3 library and can acquire extracurricular lessons up to three-star levels.

Elite Meister – This is a special title given to meisters, usually from three-rank members or Death’s Family.

They have the best privileges and can get level four information clearance. Some consider them on the same level as Death Scythe.

Soul Eater Teacher Rankings Explained
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Death Scythe – This is the highest rank a weapon can attain. They are weapon partners of the headmaster that are tasked to oversee everything that is happening in the academy. They are stationed in various regions and act as representatives.

Death’s Family – It comprises the wealthiest and most powerful family in Death City. They are influential in the Death Weapon Meister Academy as they are elite meisters. They are automatically considered three-rank.

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