Final Fantasy XV Will Get a Big Day One Patch, Details Coming

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The launch for Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner. But the new confirmation via the official Twitter account of the franchise may have just confirmed that the game will have a day one patch.

The developer revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be getting some extra features, but the catch is that it will be added via a day one patch.

"We've important news Monday about further enhancements and upgrades the dev team have added to FFXV for release day on 29th November. FFXV went gold, but the development team wanted to carry on working and add extra features, so we'll tell you about them next week. These extra features will be available as an automatic download from launch day and we think you'll really enjoy them."

For fans who pretty much download every free patch a game rolls out, this is no issue. However, granted that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed precisely to avoid fans not getting the additional features via patch just because they don't have a access to the Internet.

While fans will have to wait until Nov. 21 to get the full details of the day one patch, some outlets have broken the street date of the game. those who were able to get the game early have seen that there will be a 7GB patch that needs to be download.


That's a pretty hefty add-on and if Square Enix wasn't exaggerating that the extra features are worth the fun for fans, then it kind of defeats the purpose of the delay to get the patch out of the way.

Final Fantasy XV will be out on Nov. 29 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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