Producer Reveals Why The Last Of Us Movie is Being Stalled Yet Again

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If there's ever a surefire way that a movie can be stuck in a rut or, worse, scrapped completely, it would have to be creative differences.

This term has been tossed around time and again, spurring director exits and visions not translated onscreen. And the newest movie to fall into this trap is none other than The Last of Us.


Over two years since the announcement of the movie back in early 2014, it seems that the screenplay for The Last of Us has not moved an inch. In an interview with IGN, producer Sam Raimi had confirmed that the status of the movie has not progressed.

There have already been whispers of what has been happening to the movie, and it was that there wasn't any work being done for over a year already. Raimi confirmed this earlier statement from Neil Druckmann stating that the movie has already been stalled by the higher-ups, yet again.

"With this one, he went to Sony—who I have a very good relationship with—but they have their own plans for it and I think Neil's plan for it—I'm not trying to be political—Neil's plan for it is not the same as Sony's. and because my company doesn't have the rights, I actually can't help him too much."

Because of the complicated set-up on both ends, Raimi revealed that the ball was already on the court where only Sony and Druckmann are able to play together. Raimi is pretty much on the bench waiting for something to happen.


Still, the good news is that he is still part of the production. But the next step that needs to be done is to move it forward from the stalemate that it has been stuck with for the past year and a half.

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