10 Fastest Anime Characters of All Time

The Fastest Anime Characters of All Time Asta Black Clover
Credit: Pierrot

The Fastest Anime Characters of All Time Asta Black Clover
Credit: Pierrot

Speed is a power like no other in the world of anime. From blazing-fast combat sequences to breakneck chases through fantastical realms, anime has given fans some of the most fleet-footed characters. So, here are the fastest anime characters you need to watch out for!

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  1. Jojiro Takajo from Charlotte

    Charlotte’s Jojiro Takajo, a member of the Hoshinoumi Academy student council, possesses the ability to achieve remarkable speed.

    Jojiro’s ability allows him to dash at incredible speeds in one direction, causing the world around him to appear in slow motion, resembling teleportation.

    However, Jojiro struggles to control his ability, often crashing into things and getting injured.

    To stay safe, he wears protective gear and maintains his physical fitness.

  2. Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom

    Koro-sensei, who appears like a yellow octopus, is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E. He is an intelligent teacher but is also ridiculously fast.

    He can reach speeds of up to Mach 20, with his head becoming solid to reduce wind resistance through the dilatancy phenomenon.

    Due to his superhuman speed, he possesses the ability to effortlessly dodge Anti-Sensei bullets.

    He can react swiftly to catch or deflect flying projectiles using whatever is at his disposal.

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  3. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic from One-Punch Man

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, also known as Sonic, is an ex-member of the 44th Graduation Class in Ninja Village. This self-declared forever rival of Saitama is exceptionally swift.

    As an expert assassin and ninja, his primary strength lies in his incredible speed and reflexes.

    He showcases his skill while facing The Paradise Group. He swiftly incapacitated all members, except their leader Hammerhead, with lightning-fast precision.

  4. Saitama from One-Punch Man

    Saitama, the protagonist of One-Punch Man, possesses such absurdly overwhelming power that it becomes comical.

    He boasts unmatched speed and reflexes, as demonstrated by his instantaneous completion of a 1500-meter dash during his hero tryouts.

    After being kicked to the moon by Boros, Saitama returned to Earth within a matter of seconds.

    Saitama has even outpaced Sonic, whose main power is superspeed.

  5. All Might from My Hero Academia

    The former No. 1 Pro Hero, All Might is known for exceptional strength and speed in My Hero Academia.

    In most of All Might’s Ultimate Moves, speed plays a key role in perfectly executing the moves.

    From Carolina Smash to United States of Smash, All Might uses his immense speed to perfectly nail these moves.

    He showcased how fast he was when he moved from Might Tower to the Tokyo Egg within seconds.

    During his peak, he quickly defeated an army of Instant Villains crafted by All For One in three seconds.

  6. Asta from Black Clover

    The magicless boy Asta is a powerful character and the main protagonist of Black Clover.

    When he unleashes his Black Asta form, not only does he become stronger but his speed goes above 15 times the speed of light.

    Since he can reach an above-average speed, William Vangeance suspects he is using magic to enhance his movements.

  7. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

    An absolutely deserving name to be on this list is Bleach's Ichigo Kurosaki.

    Ichigo learned the Shunpo technique that allows him to move at a breakneck speed.

    His speed enables him to track the actions of quicker opponents, facilitating a more thorough analysis of their moves and the ability to thwart any kind of deadly attack.

    Ichigo also uses his speed to land severe blows at his enemies in a close-combat scenario.

  8. Borsalino from One Piece

    Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, is easily the fastest character showcased in One Piece.

    He possesses the Glint-Gling Devil Fruit that enables him to transform into light and travel at light speed. Due to this mighty ability, he can instantly reposition himself during a battle.

    Since he can move at the speed of light, he can destroy buildings and take down other pirates with a single blow.

  9. Antispiral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    The collective-embodiment and physical manifestation of the Anti-Spiral race is the Antispiral himself.

    The main villain of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series, Antispiral is insanely fast.

    Antispiral exercises absolute domination over his universe, having brought it into existence upon his birth.

    Due to his complete control, he can travel from one end of the universe to another in a fraction of a second.

  10. Whis from Dragon Ball Super

    Whis is the Guide Angel Attendant of Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction. He is also a very powerful character in Dragon Ball Super.

    He is confident about his powers, which is evident when Beerus doubts his speed. He responds that he is the fastest being in the entire universe.

    Whis can use Autonomous Ultra Instinct to travel at approximately 5 septillion times the speed of light, which is unimaginably fast.

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