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Fans Disappointed Over this One Major Issue They See in BLACKPINK’s Born Pink Concerts

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK has officially started their world tour, BORN PINK, and fans have nothing but good words for Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose's incredible performance. However, the concertgoers have one major complaint.

BLACKPINK's concert tickets have a price of hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, fans naturally want to get their money's worth. However, they feel like the concert's length is too short compared to other musical events of this kind, though the girls' performance has paid it off.

A Fan's Complain

On a thread on Reddit, fans share their honest opinions on the concerts they have gone to, and one fan discusses BLACKPINK's show in Houston.

K-pop concerts typically take two and a half to three hours, which can even be extended depending on breaks and interludes.

However, when it comes to the famous girl group, their concert lasted only two hours, breaks included, and fans found it disappointing.

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"I attended the 1st night in Houston, and I'm more of a casual fan of Blackpink," a Redditor claimed. "I've attended quite a few kpop concerts over the last 10 years, so I know what they're like."

"That said, it's true that the concert is shorter than what I'm used to," the fan added. "Considering this has to be the most expensive single ticket I've ever spent at $500, I wanted this to be longer."

However, aside from the time, the fan had nothing to complain about the concert itself.

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"On the plus side, the actual concert itself was fun, and the awesome crowd added to the experience," the netizen continued. "Blackpink gave a great show, and I really couldn't ask for more from a performance perspective."

BLACKPINK's Concert Length

With BLACKPINK's ticket price, fans expect it to be longer and will include most of their discography.

However, only a few songs from The Album are featured, and some tracks the girls perform are also shortened.

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Anyhow, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose come clean, as they have nothing to do with the number or length of songs and performances they have to do.

Hence, fans' complaints are not directed to them. They are receiving heaps of praise for their incredible performance, giving their best shot with the energy and enthusiasm they're showing.

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