BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Reveals How He Establishes Successful Music Career, His Hopes and Dreams Despite Success

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

G-Dragon graced the cover of Elle Korea’s 30th-anniversary issue this November. The special issue features the BIGBANG member’s full interview and pictures that will surely leave fans swooning.

G-Dragon talks a lot about his life but mostly touches on his career and future dreams despite the big success he has attained.

Establishing a Music Career

The K-pop idol sees the difference between the system today and before, saying it was different from the first time he joined YG Entertainment.

“I spent my trainee period while attending school and getting scolded a lot,” he recalled, via Soompi. “Since it wasn’t a lifestyle where each day was guaranteed, it seriously felt like living in the wild.”

Though he found it difficult, he still thought it was fun and passionate as every day was filled with ambition and energy. “I do miss those things,” he admitted.

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He debuted with BIGBANG at 19 and made music different from what mainstream idols did at the time.

Almost 30 years have passed since he started his career, making him understand the phrases, “there’s pleasure at the end of suffering’ and ‘there’s no limit to learning.”

“As time goes by, I think this is the truth,” he continued. “During my trainee period, where I prepared for a long time, I had so many thoughts, wishes, and prayers. I longed and suffered like it was life or death.”

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Hence, his life now feels surreal after finally succeeding.

“However, I also feel that this is the life I’ve accomplished and what I’ve earned for everything I’ve endured,” G-Dragon added.

G-Dragon’s Hopes and Dreams for the Future

Despite the huge success G-Dragon has already attained, like being dubbed the King of K-pop, he still hopes to stay “consistent” forever.

“The thoughts, intentions, and interests of Kwon Ji Yong [G-Dragon’s birth name] are the same, without any changes,” he explained. “Most of the staff I work with have been with me for 20 years. To me, they are my greatest treasure, and they are important figures who allow me to continue doing this work.”

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In addition, G-Dragon still dreams of continuously “working quietly in the same spot.”

“I want to share myself as I am, including what I find pretty and good, as well as the emotions I feel,” he stated. “The attempts I’ve made up until now and that I will show in the future are the longtime dreams that have allowed me to be here today. I hope to be a ‘good dream’ that can become someone else’s dream.”

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