Fairy Tail Creator Unveils New Dead Rock Manga

Dead Rock Manga Natsu

Dead Rock Manga Natsu

With his latest work on its final arc, Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima finally revealed Dead Rock, his latest manga work that will begin serialization soon.

Dead Rock was officially announced in the latest issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine, the sister publication of Weekly Shonen Magazine where Mashima’s Fairy Tail and Edens Zero were serialized.

There, the first visual for the new manga was unveiled, along with other details.

The visual, which features the series’ protagonist, was also shared by Mashima on his official Twitter account.

Hiro Mashima’s Dead Rock Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

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It has been nearly six years now since Fairy Tail ended, but creator Hiro Mashima continues to be busy with various projects.

Just a year after the final chapter, Mashima returned to Weekly Shonen Magazine with Edens Zero, a science fantasy manga.

Much like Fairy Tail, this title also received an anime adaptation, with the second season premiering in April 2023.

Aside from these serialized works, Mashima has also worked on a couple of manga projects.

He has also been tapped to design the characters for Marvelous’ Project Magia game.

Finally, Mashima confirmed that he is working on a new manga serial, though this did not come as a surprise to many fans given that details of its impending announcement were leaked last week.

Specifically, the leaks were shared on various sites like Twitter, and it featured the series’ title as well as a low-resolution version of the key visual.

Now though, fans have their first proper look at the manga, as well as the date when it will begin its run.

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Dead Rock Manga Reveals July Release Date

The official reveal of Dead Rock featured a visual of the protagonist named Yakuto. Along with the character art, the series’ premise was also revealed.

In the series, the main character, Yakuto, will undertake the entrance exam to Dead Rock, a place in the Demon World where potential Demon Kings are trained.

Mashima also revealed via his Twitter account that this new manga will be a bit different from his typical style. Not to mention that it will be a shorter work.

As it won’t be as long as his previous serials like Edens Zero, Dead Rock will be serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine, meaning we’ll only get one chapter per month.

Dead Rock will begin serialization on July 6, though there’s no word yet on whether it will get a simulpub English release outside Japan.

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