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EXO Sehun Girlfriend 2022: Is He Dating Anyone?

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Sehun is no stranger to dating rumors. This comes after he and his co-members have faced various romance speculations since they debuted as K-pop idols in 2012.

But, like so many rumors, no proof has come to light proving the legitimacy of the claims and allegations, and most of them were even put to rest after a while.

Even so, this did not seemingly stop avid fans and followers from wondering about the group maknae's dating life.

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Is EXO Sehun In A Relationship In 2022?

Channel-Korea shared in a report that the EXO member is single, adding that he does not have a girlfriend as far as the public is concerned.

It also noted that there had been no confirmed dating news or rumors involving him to anyone since his debut as a K-pop idol.

The publication pointed out, though, that the lack of news could mean Sehun had kept this aspect of his life out of the spotlight.

But, whatever the case, the outlet reiterated that the idol has not dated anyone in public since entering the industry.

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About The Dating Rumors, Speculations Involving The Group's Maknae

Sehun has been linked to various names inside and outside the entertainment industry over the years. Some are even his fellow K-pop idols from other acts and agencies.

But, despite the rumors and speculations, nothing much has been proven since then, making the claims questionable. Others were even dismissed, and reportedly, at times, by the EXO member himself.

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Sehun And His Ideal Type

Meanwhile, Channel-Korea said elsewhere in its report, published in late 2021, that Sehun revealed his ideal type during an interview.

As claimed, the group maknae prefers someone with a bubbly personality. He also reportedly likes a girl who worries about him and cares for him, especially if he is hurt.

The EXO member is also said to prefer someone who looks neat and innocent. As added, he likes girls with pleasant scents, pale skin, and round eyes.

Watch this space for more EXO Sehun news.

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