Exciting New Look at Black Adam Revealed With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Wearing His Costume On Set

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After the ominous magazine cover of Dwayne Johnson was posted, more photos of him as Black Adam surfaced in an exclusive of Total Film and they revealed an exciting new look of the character with The Rock rocking his costume on set, teasing fans of what to expect in the upcoming movie.

On their latest issue, Total Film featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam and they posted on social media some of the photos which are included in their magazine. Even when they did not include Justice Society, they revealed The Rock donning his Black Adam suit on set and it is highlighted in some bluish tone, possibly for a scene in the movie.


The first image shows The Rock wearing a cloak looking really ominous, the second is an all blue hue with a clearer image of his costume’s intricate details such as the lightning on his chest and the pads on his shoulder plus a closer look at the texture of his suit, and the last is him looking at a tablet, possibly reviewing what they just took, and it also shows how the production team is fully protected against the coronavirus threat.

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Black Adam originally went by the name of Teth-Adam in the comics and he was given by the gods powers making him the Mighty Adam. Black Adam liberated his people in Kahndaq and ruled with his own definition of justice. Black Adam went on to be the judge, jury, and executioner to his people to protect them and keep an eye on them.

Because of his actions, he was imprisoned by the gods who gave his powers saying that he abused what has been given to him. The film will be set 5000 years later after Black Adam breaks free from his purgatory and as one of the most powerful characters in DCEU, he won’t likely be thrilled to learn that someone else was vested by the gods the power that he had. He is set to be the nemesis of Shazam.

Black Adam has been scheduled for release on July 29, 2022.