Evangeline Lilly Reveals She Rejected Hugh Jackman’s Offer to Join X-Men

Before assuming the role of Hope van Dyne in the Ant-Man franchise, Evangeline Lilly revealed she could have played a role in at least two other superhero movies, one in an X-Men film and the other being DC’s Wonder Woman. However, she rejected the kind offer of her Real Steel (2011) co-actor, Hugh Jackman, as she used to mock superhero offerings before she starred in one.

Speaking with the Happy Sad Confused, Lilly recalled the time the Wolverine actor came to her and offered her a spot in the X-Men saga. She said that she wasn’t impressed with superhero stuff, so she felt the need to decline.

“He was like, ‘Hey, so, the X-Men guys are asking me if I would approach you because they know that you won’t talk to anybody. They knew I was working with you and were interested to know if it would ever interest you to do an X-Men thing. I was like, ‘No. It doesn’t interest me. I’m not interested.’ I was like, ‘I feel like such a dick because I’m talking to an X-Man! The X-Man! And I’m telling him, ‘No that doesn’t appeal. Like, what?!’ I felt so rude!” Lilly narrated.

She continued, “It didn’t appeal and there was nothing about the meeting that jazzed me or made me think like, ‘Oh, I’ve gotta do this.’ Nothing clicked. Nothing felt good. I am way too authentic for my good. I mean, it’s not good. If I am not impressed, you’ll know. And maybe you shouldn’t know sometimes.”

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Lilly also delved into the time that she was also offered DC’s Wonder Woman. “I was okay with that. I was okay with burning bridges. I was okay with not having everyone in Hollywood want to work with me. … I just always had to do what felt right for me,” Lilly said. “And honestly I wasn’t into superhero movies and that’s the main reason why in both of these instances. I just kind of felt like I didn't know what I would get out of this.”

Given that Lilly is finally on board with superhero offerings and with Jackman’s return as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3, there’s always a chance the former co-star will cross paths in the MCU by the time Avengers: Secret Wars comes around.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will premiere in cinemas on February 17, 2023.

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