Eternals Drops New Featurette Introducing Each Member of the New Marvel Team

A new featurette drops introducing each member of the Eternals and we get a closer look on each of the characters we will soon know and love as they make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the new team of superheroes saving the Earth from the reemergence of their age-old foes, the Deviants.

In a new featurette released, Introducing The Eternals, we get to know each of the characters that will be debuting in the MCU as part of the near-immortal band of heroes who swore an oath to protect the Earth from the Deviants and to remain in hiding by not intervening in anything that the human race would face.

The featurette opens with Sersi saying that something is happening with the planet and Ikaris tells her that they “need to find the others,” and Sersi replies that it has been centuries since they last saw each other. As for Sprite, she said, “it’s about time” for that family reunion.

Gemma Chan who plays Sersi describes that they are a “slightly dysfunctional family” having ten members in it. We see her manipulate matter, watering plants through the palm of her hand, and she described her relationship with Ikaris as an “on-off” one in the 5,000 years they have been together. As for Ikaris, Richard Madden pertains to him as a loyal soldier.

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Phastos, as per Brian Tyree Henry, can “assemble anything out of any kind of technology,” and as for Angelina Jolie, her character Thena is like “the goddess of war,” and she could make any weapons out of her cosmic energy. Don Lee describes Gilgamesh as a protector, with “a specialty strong punch,” and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari, well, she is definitely fast, and loyal as well.

Eternals Drops New Featurette Introducing Each Member of the New Marvel Team
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Eternals Drops New Featurette Introducing Each Member of the New Marvel Team

Sprite has that spunk on her, Lia McHugh shares that the specialty of Sprite is to create illusions, with a specific sarcasm on Kingo who is “a little self-involved” as per Kumail Nanjiani, and Druig calls him “the movie star.” Speaking of which, Barry Keoghan’s Druig has some principles he stands up for: no violence. He controls minds but, in the clip, it seems that at one point, he’s the one controlled, and Ajak is behind him.

Salma Hayek’s Ajak is like the matriarch of the Eternals with the power to heal. In the wise words of Henry, the Eternals “reflect the world we live in,” and Hayek tells how each of the Eternals are “unique and special” in their own ways. Nanjiani hypes the fans that the movie is unlike anything Marvel has ever showcased and with the bar set really high by previous films, it would definitely be exciting to see something new.

Eternals premieres on November 5, 2021 in theaters.

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