Eternals: New Teaser Seems to Address Ikaris and Superman Comparisons

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Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest heroes Ikaris has been the subject of debate amongst comic book film fans over the last couple of months. You see, the character played by Richard Madden has been dubbed as a Superman ripoff by some people after Marvel Studios released a teaser for the upcoming Phase Four film Eternals. In the said trailer, fans noticed a parallel between Ikaris and the Man of Steel himself which quite frankly is a little too hard to ignore.

Now, Marvel seems to be dropping hints about the unexpected connection between the two characters. The latest teaser for the Chloe Zhao-directed film revolves around the introduction of Phastos' family and it may have included a little nod to the Man of Steel himself. In the clip, there's a scene where Phastos' child, a superhero enthusiast, claims that he saw Ikaris on television wearing a cape and shooting laser beams.

Ikaris neither confirmed nor denied what the kid saw but he candidly said that he doesn't wear a cape. If you'll dig deep into his statement, it's quite obvious that it's a way for the film to somewhat address the comparisons between Ikaris and Superman. Sure, the film has been completed long before the comparisons were made but my guess is Marvel Studios knew Ikaris' set of powers will remind a lot of people of Kal-El and saw the comparisons coming from a mile away.

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Credit: marvel studios

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It's worth mentioning that Jack Kirby, the creator of Eternals was also responsible for the coming up with DC's New Gods which marked the debut of the iconic Superman villain Darkseid. Although it was never confirmed, there's a good chance that Kirby took some inspiration for Superman when he created Ikaris and it honestly shows.
Marvel Studios' Eternals will hit cinemas in November.