01 Nov 2021 8:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals Director Explains Why She Insisted on Including Film’s Sex Scene

We're only a few days away from the global premiere of Marvel Studios' third film offering in the "pandemic era" Eternals and fans of the franchise are beyond eager to witness the project despite the underwhelming critic reviews it has been getting so far. The film is being hyped up as something that will break barriers in the world of superhero films with its inclusion of the MCU's first openly gay superhero. Turns out, that's not the only thing fans should expect because the film will also feature the MCU's first sex scene.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

I know some of you hate spoilers but Eternals includes a steamy scene between Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) which is already causing a lot of major discussions on social media. Of course, Marvel's parent company Disney is known for its family-friendly image, and something as "daring" as a sex scene is rarely seen in their films.

Director Chloé Zhao was the one who insisted on showing the physical connection between the two lead characters and surprisingly enough, Marvel Studios didn't find any reason to meddle with her plans, despite the House of Mouse's notorious code.

During an interview with Slash Film, Zhao said: "Well, as you know in the filmmaking process from the day you write something on the page to showing it to an audience, people come in with ideas and accidents, good and bad. I think for this specific idea it was in the treatment, it was in the script, we planned on shooting it and then once we shot it, we edited it, we showed it to Disney, we showed it to Marvel and everyone said, 'Oh, this is beautiful,' and that's the end of the conversation."

She also added that the sexual sequence between Ikaris and Sersi is essential to the film: "Also, if you have seen the film you know the love between these two in a way defines the fate of humanity, of our planet. So I like to show them not just loving each other intellectually, emotionally, but also physically. And to show a sexual encounter in a compassionate, loving way, I think it's a very positive thing to do."

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I mean, it's about time that Marvel Studios go to the next level and feature more mature content because quite frankly, their long-standing shtick is getting a little too stale. It's not like a sex scene would do them any harm and with characters like Deadpool on their way to the franchise, there's no other way for the studio but to embrace an "edgier"

Marvel Studios' Eternals is scheduled for a theater-exclusive release on November 5, 2021.