New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Promos Fuel Speculations About Cell's Return

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One of the biggest questions Dragon Ball Super fans have been asking is: "Is Cell returning in the shonen's next big movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?". After all, the latest trailer for the movie teased a mysterious villain housed in a chamber in the Red Ribbon Army's headquarters. Now, the anime film has new promos circulating the Internet that hint the iconic villain's possible return.

The teases include a visual of a new villain who's ominously teased to transform into something more, and there's also a set of toys that are fueling more speculation to this theory.

The new cyborg agent is known as "Hachimaru", which is described to have "terrifying abilities", but Toei Animation hasn't revealed additional details about what those abilities could be. The villain's wasp-like design looks like an effective way for the genius scientist Dr. Hedo to gather material from various powerful warriors in order to create a new generation of androids for the Red Ribbon Army.

We've already seen Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the twin android "superheroes" who will fight Son Gohan, Piccolo, and other Z-Fighters in the movie. It's also revealed that the movie's climax will see Hedo reveal a huge cybernetic "egg" that will hatch the "worst existence that has yet to be seen."

The name of the new insect agent is a play on the word "hatch", which supports the theory that whatever material Hachimaru gathers for Hedo's egg will transform into the Red Ribbon Army's biggest threat yet.

There's also a set of Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball figures that's clearly connected to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and the set includes figures of Super Saiyan Gohan, "Potentially Unlocked" Piccolo, Yadarat Goku, and First-Form Cell! Check them out:

Both new versions of Gohan and Piccolo are already confirmed to appear in the film, so it's easy to assume that the other two will also show up. However, they could easily be just throwbacks to Dragon Ball Z.

Check out the list of villains confirmed to appear in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero here.

Toei Animation recently announced the new Japanese theatrical release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: June 11, 2022, following the delay due to the studio hack. There's still no word on whether or not the release dates in North America and other regions are affected by this shift.

You can read more details about the upcoming movie here.


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