Dragon Ball Super Art Reveals Black Frieza in Anime Form

There's a lot of hype for Dragon Ball Super this month between the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and the manga chapter that finally concluded the Granolah the Survivor Arc. The latest anime movie is dominating the global box office right now, and the manga series recently confirmed that a new arc is coming after taking a break.

But before the Granolah the Survivor Arc ended, fans were treated with a major surprise in Chapter 87 of the manga series: the iconic villain Frieza arrives in Planet Cereal, finishes off Gas and Elec of the Heeter Force with ease. Goku and Vegeta are shocked to see how he's able to take Gas easily, and it turns out that the villain is able to squeeze 10 years worth of training in a mysterious room where time flows differently. This also allowed the villain to unlock his most powerful form yet, Black Frieza.

Now, one artist imagined Black Frieza in anime form with full color. The fan-illustrator shared the character's design from Dragon Ball Super: Broly before adding their color scheme, and as you can see below, Black Frieza looks fantastic.

As shown above, Black Frieza doesn't look much different from Golden Frieza as far as looks are concerned. The transformations look similar when it comes to body modification, but there's one clear difference: Frieza's new form has black tones instead of black. His head and limbs are black, and his torso has silver-grey highlights.

Black Frieza is also Frieza's most powerful form yet, and Chapter 87 reveals that he's able to easily take down Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta.

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It's likely that the next Dragon Ball Super arc will involve Frieza, and we'll probably see him unleash his Black Frieza form again.

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