Dragon Ball Super Will Take A Break Before The New Arc Begins

Dragon Ball Super has been trending lately thanks to the North American theatrical release of the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter by Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama, which featured the surprising return of Frieza and the debut of his powerful new form, Black Frieza. Now that the Granolah the Survivor Arc is over, a new arc is confirmed to be in the works for the popular shonen manga series.

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Goku
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Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Goku

The update comes from the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, and based on what happened in that chapter, fans shouldn't be surprised that the next arc is coming soon. The conclusion of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 includes a note from the editorial staff, revealing that the manga is taking an indefinite hiatus to charge up, and the manga will return with a new arc when the break ends.

Shueisha, Toyotarou, and Akira Toriyama are still keeping details of the next Dragon Ball Super arc under wraps, but fans are expecting the new arc to take place after Granolah the Survivor Arc. The latest chapter revealed that Frieza is stronger than ever thanks to his 10-years worth of training that he's able to squeeze inside the mysterious room where time flows differently. He was able to easily finish off Gas of the Heeter Force, and with all that training, the iconic villain is able to unlock a new power-up he calls "Black Frieza", which is able to take down Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta easily.

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Frieza's return in the latest chapter could hint that the villain will be heavily-involved in the next arc. However, Chapter 87's final pages didn't share any teasers on what the next arc could be about, so fans will have to wait before Shueisha shares an update.

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