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Shueisha continues to release new monthly chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by artist Toyatarou and series creator Akira Toriyama monthly, and after Chapter 86 was released in July 2022, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga with the release of Chapter 87 this month.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Granolah

Granolah the Survivor saga is a revenge-driven story of the shonen series about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose mission is to kill Frieza and avenge the extermination of his race. With the Heeters defeated, it looks like the Granolah the Survivor Arc is approaching its finale, but the upcoming chapter has a shocking surprise that throws a curve ball to the shonen's latest story arc.

If you want to find out the latest details about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, check out everything we know so far here:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Spoilers: The Strongest in the Universe Appears

Granolah the Survivor Arc - Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Sheuisha
Granolah the Survivor Arc - Dragon Ball Super

In the previous chapter, it seems that Granolah is able to ultimately defeat Gas of the Heeter Force with the help of Goku and Vegeta. However, the Granolah the Survivor Arc might not conclude in this chapter as a shocking attack was shown in the first draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87.

Twitter outlet @DBSChronicle shared the draft pages for Chapter 87, revealing that the Heeters are trying to escape Planet Cereal. While the battle against the Heeters is over, it looks like there's a new threat coming as we see the Namekian Monaito get hit by a powerful energy beam from the back.

This attack may be familiar to Dragon Ball fans, as the villain Frieza has unleashed this kind of energy beam before. However, leaked spoilers revealed that's not the case.

The title of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 is The Strongest in the Universe Appears.

The major spoilers come from Twitter user DbsHype1 (with English translations from DBSChronicles), and they revealed the following:

  • The chapter begins with Goku and Vegeta promising each other to train even harder to beat each other in the race.
  • They notice Granolah fall on the ground due to the after effects from the attack he used to defeat Gas.
  • Granolah explains to Goku and Vegeta that he exchanged his lifespan in order to get that power, and he thinks the attack from earlier has shortened it even more.
  • Monaito comes running to heal Granolah. As he was about to do that, he realizes that he can now heal someone to their full strength. It's because of the many times he healed Granolah and others that his healing abilities have improved. He then heals everyone back to their full strength.
  • Meanwhile, Elec is frustrated as his plans have failed. He says he shouldn't have trusted the Dragon Balls. He then prepares to escape the planet.
  • Vegeta notices Elec flee alone. Goku asks Elec if he's forgetting about his siblings, to which Elec replies that he's done with them.
  • Surprisingly, a beam hits Monaito from behind. Everyone is shocked.
  • They turn around to see that it came from an even older Gas mid-air. Gas now looks way older than before. He's so old that his skeleton is visible.
  • Granolah runs to Monaito for his aid, while Goku and Vegeta transform into True Ultra Instinc and Ultra Ego respectively and go after Gas.
  • Gas smashes their heads together using telekinesis.
  • As Goku and Vegetea get themselves together and prepare for a Kamehameha and Galick Gun, Gas hits them with a huge Ki Blast followed by kicks. Gas' left cheek completely wears off. His left skull becomes more prominent.
  • Goku comments that Gas threw himself into the energy wave he emited to land kicks on them. That means, Gas doesn't care about damaging his body anymore.
  • Vegeta notes that it's like they're not fighting a living person now.
  • Granolah cries seeing Monaito die. He says he can't let him die on him, but he can't do anything to save him.
  • Monaito says that his life already 40 years ago. His only purpose after that was to raise Granolah to be a man. He thanks Granolah for all the good times he spent with him, and closes his eyes.
  • Goku in his True Ultra Instinct breaks Gas' left arm with a kick, but it doesn't bother Gas even a bit. He counters with a punch from his left arm which sends Goku flying. Gas' left arm bone is now visible.
  • Goku is shocked to see him move with that broken arm. Vegeta comments that being the Greatest in the Universe is nothing but a curse.
  • Elec is surprised to see Gas turn the tables again. He laughs and says, "Until your last breath, you are the Greatest Warrior in the Universe! Now, kill them, kill them, kill them!"
  • Macki and Oil stand in the way and suggests Elec to stop Gas and to escape the planet together and try winning next time. Elec slaps Macki, sending her flying; Oil catches her.
  • Elec says, "I told you there is no next time! Gas will soon run out of life! For him to become the Greatest Warrior in the Universe, his life had to be cut short!"
  • Gas is shocked to hear Elec's words. He's surprised to know that he'll "run out of life" soon.
  • Gas stops hitting Goku, and sees his face in a nearby river. He can't believe what he looks like.
  • Elec calls Gas "incompetent" for wasting time looking at the river. He tells him to finish them quick before "he" appears.
  • Just then, a familiar figure drops on the ground. To everyone's surprise, it's Frieza on Planet Cereal. While everyone's shocked, Elec has some different expressions.
  • Frieza penetrates into Gas's stomach and kills him, as we see Gas get older and turn into a skeleton in a second. Frieza smashes Gas's skull with his foot. Everyone is shocked.
  • Frieza says, "Mr. Elec, I heard you called me. Let me ask this again. What business do you have with me?" Elec is scared and says that he's got nothing.
  • Goku and Vegeta wonder how Frieza killed Gas with one shot.
  • Frieza tells Elec that there must be a good reason why Elec called him to a distant planet here.
  • Elec tells him he's sorry that he called him here for business negotiations. It's a misunderstanding.
  • Frieza asks him if his plan was to have him killed by the hands of Gas.
  • Frieza tells him sorry because Gas is all dust now, thanks to him. He tells him that he knew about his plans 40 years ago, but kept quiet as Elec's troops were of use to him. He also tells him that nothing that happens in this universe stays hidden from him. He calls Elec the weakest among all the Heeters.
  • Elec tries to punch Frieza, but he grabs his hand and kills Elec with a blast.
  • Frieza then notices Goku and Vegeta on the planet too. Both in base form now, Goku asks him how he could defeat Gas so easily. Vegeta adds to him by saying that Gas wished to become the Greatest Warrior in the Universe , so he'd naturally be more powerful than Frieza.
  • Frieza says, "This universe? I see. I was in another realm until now, so I may not have existed in this universe in the first place."
  • Goku asks him what's with this "another relam" to which Frieza replies that he found a room on a planet he conquered where the flow of time was different from the outside world. Goku and Vegeta realize that he's talking about the Room of Spirit and Time.
  • Frieza tells them that he trained for about 10 years in there. He also says that he's obtained a new power-up from training to defeat the Saiyans.
  • Frieza transforms into a new form that he calls "Black Frieza" and rushes toward Goku and Vegeta. Both power-up to their new forms and get ready.
  • Frieza, with just a single punch, knocks out both True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. He then reverts back to his Final Form.
  • "I wasn't here for you two this time, so...I leave you two today," says Frieza, then calls his ship to leave the planet.
  • Frieza informs about vacancies in jobs of a kitchen staff and waiter to Oil and Macki, and they decide to go with Frieza.
  • Frieza leaves. Goku and Vegeta somehow get up and approach Granolah and Monaito. Suddenly, Monaito opens his eyes. It's Whis who restored his life.
  • Whis tells them that he's there to get Goku and Vegeta as Beerus doesn't know how to make cup yakisoba.
  • Goku invites Granolah to come to Beerus's planet for training, but Granolah refuses as he has to collect the Dragon Balls to restore the planet to its former state. Monatio says that he'll seal the Dragon Balls after using this time.
  • Vegeta gives Granolah the Dragon Radar so he could find the Dragon Balls easily.
  • As Goku and Vegeta were about to leave, Monaito stops Goku and gives him Bardock's scouter.
  • Granolah thanks Goku and Vegeta for all they've done. Vegeta tells him to come fight him anyday on Earth, to which Granolah replies that he'll visit for sure and would win against Vegeta. Vegeta looks froward to it.
  • Whis takes off from the planet. Goku asks him if Frieza is the Greatest Warrior that Oracle Fish talked about earlier.
  • Whis says he doesn't think so. But, maybe somewhere in the universe, a stronger warrior has been born!
  • The chapter concludes with the trio flying off in space as Goku is all set to start his intense training once they're all done with cup yakisoba.
  • The chapter's end note reads: "To become the best warriors in the universe, Goku and Vegeta's training never ends."

It looks like this concludes The Granolah the Survivor Arc. Frieza will likely play a major role in the next arc, but he's probably not going to be the main antagonist.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instict
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Credit: Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instict

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 is expected to release on Friday, August 19.

If this release date is correct, the English translations for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 should arrive online at the following times, but note that they may be released a few hours earlier:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Friday, August 19
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Friday, August 19
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Friday, August 19
  • British Time: 5 PM on Friday, August 19

Note that there's a chance that the English version of the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super could release a few days earlier.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87?

Ultra Ego Vegeta - Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Shueisha
Ultra Ego Vegeta - Dragon Ball Super

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is the official source of the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Japan. The English translations of the manga series will be released on Viz Media.

You can also check out the latest chapters on the Shonen Jump Android and IOS apps. Just download this app from either the play store or app store, then search for "Dragon Ball Super 87". Shonen Jump usually gets the chapter instantly after the countdown ends while Viz Media might have a 5 minutes delay when it comes to a new chapter's release.

Epicstream doesn't share unofficial links, so we encourage you to support the official release of the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter on the official publishers.

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