Does Katai Like Tadano in Komi Can’t Communicate?

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Does Katai Like Tadano in Komi Can’t Communicate?

New season, new characters. Komi Can’t Communicate season 2 introduced a new set of interesting characters and one of them is Makoto Katai. He has been a close friend of Tadano ever since the latter discovered that Katai has paralyzing social anxiety. But is there more to it? Does Katai actually like Tadano?

While there is nothing wrong with two men being friends, there were a lot of times when it appeared that Katai wanted more.

Is it because Katai doesn’t have any friends and is comfortable with Tadano? Or has he developed feelings for the protagonist?

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Does Katai Like Tadano in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Does Komi Can't Communicate Katai Like Tadano?
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While we can’t say for sure if Katai does like Tadano, he pretty much gave a lot of signs to make people think that he does. One example was when Katai reacts cutely after Tadano invited him to go to the shrine with friends.

This small act triggered Katai to plan an outing with Tadano. The catch is that Katai wants the outing to be just the two of them. It appears that he wanted to get to know more about Tadano and spend more time with just the two of them.

This, unfortunately, does not happen as Tadano invited Komi to go with them to the ice skating rink.

The intention of Tadano is for the two characters to be closer, considering that he knows both of them have severe communication problems and to help Komi reach her goal.

What he didn’t expect is that both Komi and Katai don’t know how to skate so he was left with no choice but to teach them both.

During his session with Katai, the latter falls on his back so Tadano decided to continue guiding him.

Katai feels elated at the thought of Tadano helping him, not only with ice skating but also in improving his communication skills.

In another instance, Katai gave Tadano chocolates on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t mind the fact that men are supposed to give gifts on White Day but seemed to be happy with the thought of giving Tadano something special.

Katai and Tadano’s friendship will continue to develop in the series. But until Katai decides to confess, we really can’t say if he has romantic feelings for Tadano or not.

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