Does Akira Like Kou Yamori in Call of the Night?

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Does Akira Like Kou Yamori in Call of the Night?

In Call of the Night, Kou Yamori finds himself surrounded by all manner of women, most of which aren’t human. Akira, however, is positively normal, which is what makes her presence so interesting. Does Akira like Kou Yamori romantically, or are they just good friends?

Maybe, despite Nazuna’s best attempts, Kou can find his true purpose through Akira instead?


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Who is Akira Asai?

Does Akira Asai Like Kou Yamori in Call of the Night

Akira Asai is a childhood friend of Kou Yamori. Both Akira and Kou grew up in the same apartment block, hung out together as children and went to the same school before Kou dropped out.


While not exactly top of her class, Akira is a dedicated student. However, similarly to Kou, she is slightly disillusioned by high school life and is also starting to lose sleep due to stress. As a result, she starts getting up for school in the early hours of the morning, causing her to bump into Kou Yamori at the end of his nights with Nazuna.

Akira made her debut in the rom-com anime in episode 3 and plays a considerable role in Call of the Night going forward.

Does Akira Asai Like Kou Yamori in Call of the Night?

Akira Asai and Kou Yamori in Call of the Night

Based on the anime and what’s been revealed in the manga so far, it’s not clear whether Akira ever holds romantic feelings for Kou Yamori. However, they are very close.

Initially, it appeared that Akira did have romantic feelings, particularly given how she initially reacted to Kou and Nazuna.

Remember, Akira is a childhood friend of Kou Yamori. They both grew up together, and despite growing distant as Kou stopped going to school, Akira still tried to look out for him when she could.

In reality, both Kou and Akira are going through very similar problems. Both of them are disillusioned by their experiences of growing up in school. The only difference is that while Kou Yamori quit, Akira is trying to find her way through.

Their similar issues, added to the fact that they were childhood friends, mean that they likely see each other as important allies. Both of them need each other to work through personal problems, and that is more important than any romantic relationship.

Of course, this could all change in the future. The Call of the Night manga is still ongoing, and who Kou ends up with is still to be decided.

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