Doctor Strange’s Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About the Movie’s Ambition

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Doctor Strange will be Marvel's wild card. And this stark difference from previous Marvel films may be due the hint of ambition that the company has for the movie

In an interview with The Guardian, Benedict Cumberbatch talked about how Doctor Strange is not just about another superhero. It's also a movie that touches on some deeper aspects. He also shared that, while he isn't that big of a comic book fan or even a major fan of director Scott Derrickson's works, he does like the funky idea in Doctor Strange, which is the idea of science and faith.

According to Cumberbatch, there is always the call for exploring spiritualism and its marriage with the material in movies. And to do this, Cumberbatch sees the utility of a journey.

"Part of the answer in cinema is to take people on a journey that is almost beyond imagining but it is now possible through state-of-the-art effects, digital manipulations, and landscapes and environments which are, I think, going to be utterly mind-blowing in this film. And very funny, which is the other thing I thought was very important. You know, this character could be very hokey."

Speaking of ambition in the Marvel franchise, Derrickson also touched on this ambition, which led him to work on persuading Marvel to give him the title. Apart from Doctor Strange being his favorite comic book, Derrickson revealed that he felt that this was the only movie in the MCU that was suited for him.

"Evolve or die. It's very difficult for any major studio to fearlessly evolve. But I think Marvel doesn't operate out of fear at all. Marvel now has the greatest library of intellectual property there is. I think that Marvel will continue to evolve and surprise audiences in the way they want to be surprised."

Well, we're certainly expecting that and more from Doctor Strange, which, will be out in theaters on Nov. 4.

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