Thanos’ Comic Artist Shares Challenges of the Ongoing Series

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Marvel's potentially biggest of the Big Bad villains is already slated for his own comic series. And now, as the first issue of Thanos draws ever closer to the shelves, artist Mike Deodato gives fans a glimpse of how it was to illustrate the story of this alpha villain from the bad guy's own perspective.

Speaking to Marvel, Deodato revealed a few challenges that come with putting a villain in the limelight. And it starts with the challenge to be able to make villains in the same light as a hero; that is, to make him the hero of his own story.

"Heroes are easy to love and to identify with, villains are tricky because, you know, they are… villains. The challenge is to make him, his personality, so fascinating that the reader will forget he is the villain and will actually start to root for him."

It's not that the trend of the antihero is anything new in the business. Deodato cites a couple of current favorites that do the trick, like Breaking Bad and House of Cards (a personal favorite of mine: House). But he admits that this isn't an easy task, which is understandable given that Thanos is a villain, far from any antihero, even the worst of them.

As far as Thanos's look goes in the comic, Deodato revealed that he took inspiration from the character's looks in Marvel Contest of Champions, with a few changes in terms of helmet design.

And for Thanos's (metaphorical) flesh and blood, Stafox, Nebula, and Thane, it seems that each had their own inspirations. Starfox was inspired by his original costume with a few twists. Thane was adapted with his current look. Nebula will look a more like his Guardians of the Galaxy counterpart.

Thanos #1 will be out on Nov. 16. It's written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Deodato.

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