Disney+ Signals Multiple MCU Phase 5 Shows Suffering Big Delays

Disney+ and Marvel Studios have been undergoing production changes, and while some of that includes extending the premiere dates of numerous MCU films and shows, the most recent example being The Marvels releasing in November instead and with Loki Season 2 and Secret Invasion the only series Disney will be streaming this year, it seems that the future of the MCU shows remain to be bleak.

On Disney+’s official website, multiple MCU Disney+ films and shows for Marvel Phase 5 have been changed from their initial schedule of release to “Coming Soon”, which has yet again ended up moving the expected shows for another year or two (via The Direct).

With Marvel Phase 5 not garnering positive results with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as its big opener, Marvel is evidently suffering from the negative reception which led to Disney reportedly re-evaluating future releases on their future projects, especially given that they’re on a tight budget now more than ever.

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The three movies and five Disney+ shows suffering from yet another release date delay are:

  • What If…? Season 2 (supposedly releasing this 2023, but has been changed to Coming Soon)
  • Echo (initially scheduled to release this summer, but has been moved to a latter part of 2023)
  • Agatha: Coven of Chaos (rumored to release after Daredevil: Born Again; initially scheduled for a 2023 release but suffered a two-year delay, which places the WandaVision spinoff to 2025)

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  • Loki Season 2 (despite being currently in development and slated to premiere this summer, it looks like the series will likely be moved to the latter part of the year, as well)

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  • X-Men ‘97 (supposedly coming out this fall, but the new update, Coming Soon, is making it hard to believe)
  • Ironheart (despite already wrapping up production, the new update could mean being delayed until next year)
  • Daredevil: Born Again (currently being filmed in New York and slated to be released in spring 2024, the Daredevil reboot might be looking at a 2025 release date)
  • Secret Invasion (one of the only two MCU series supposedly releasing this year, but it seems that this will also be moved to later this year or even in 2024)

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