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5 Big Differences Between the Classroom of the Elite Light Novel and Anime

Big Differences Between the Classroom of the Elite Light Novel and Anime

Classroom of the Elite is a light novel series published from 2015 to 2019 that was eventually adapted into anime in 2017. But which version is better? What are the key differences between the Classroom of the Elite light novel and anime that supporters should know?

Classroom of the Elite season 2 made its premiere in July 2022 and the third season is expected to release in 2023. It has been a debate on which platform is the best considering that there are some fans of the light novel who claim that the original medium is the best.

Of course, anime viewers do not totally agree with it. For those who can’t seem to decide yet, these differences might help.

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  1. Suzune is not the main heroine of the light novel.

    In the first season of Classroom of the Elite, it appeared that Suzune was the main heroine as she is the one who is mostly with Ayanokoji.

    However, the same could not be said about the light novel. There are different girls who get to interact with Ayanokoji.

    These scenes were either skipped or replaced with Suzune. One example was the pool scene, wherein some boys wanted to film girls changing. Ayanokoji would solve this with Kei, but the anime made it seem that it was Suzune.

  2. Ayanokoji’s thought processes are not included in the anime.

    Ayanokoji’s thought process intrigued the Classroom of the Elite light novel readers. It is also helped the readers understand him better.

    The anime didn’t have this but did include some of Ayanokoji’s monologues to explain certain situations and thoughts.

    Because of this, the interpretation of Ayanojoki’s personality has changed as well. In the light novel, since there is more about his thoughts, his character development was seen.

    He started as a student who was only concerned about not making friends who developed over time. But in the anime, the narration is far less and just focused on what is happening rather than on what he is thinking about.

  3. Ayanokoji’s personality is different from the anime and the light novel.

    Light novel Ayanokoji has a light and comic side to him. The medium made him appear like a normal high school student with normal teenage problems.

    This was adopted in the manga version of the series as well with a touch of him being more expressive.

    On the other hand, the anime had a different approach to his character. The anime focused on his aloof side. This medium made him look like a detached character who has a steady grasp of his abilities.

  4. Some scenes were changed in the anime.

    While there are a lot of scenes that were changed in the Classroom of the Elite anime, some of the notable ones are the following:

    • Suzune held a second study group but the anime showed that she only gave her notes to Sudo.
    • Manabu Horikita was supposed to drop Suzune on the floor instead of punching her.
    • Ayanokoji, Suzune, and Sae had a discussion in the faculty room after Class 1D failed.
    • Kakeru Ryeun instructing Yamada to beat Daichi is an original from the anime.
    • Sakura confronted her stalker alone and the latter was able to go without being arrested.
    • Arisu, who people assumed came from the White Room, made an appearance in season 1 even when she was supposed to appear in volume 5 (the first season only covered until volume 3).
  5. The order of the story was changed in the anime.

    As mentioned earlier, a character like Arisu should be introduced in the latter part of the series but she was already in season one. There are also other changes in the chronological order of the story.

    Some of these changes are:

    • The introduction of Manabu Horikita. He should appear after Ayanokoji and Suzune go to the student club fair.
    • Kushida’s dark side should have appeared after Suzune’s failed study group and not after Sudo was saved by Ayanoki and Suzune.
    • The White Room is mentioned in the light novel by volume 5 but it was mentioned in the first season of the anime.

While there are differences between the two mediums, the preference will still depend on the person.

Both mediums have their own take on the story but if it will depend on the overall aspect of Classroom of the Elite, then the light novel is the better version considering that it is the original medium and has a more in-depth explanation of the characters.

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