Is Ayanokoji a Sociopath in Classroom of the Elite?

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Is Ayanokoji a Sociopath in Classroom of the Elite?

Those who have watched Classroom of the Elite would think that Ayanokoji is a sociopath. Before we delve deeper into if he is or isn’t, we must first agree on what a sociopath is.

Sociopathy is related to antisocial personality disorder. It is a condition wherein a person struggles to communicate or socialize with other people.

While it is true that Ayanokoji is a loner and has a hard time dealing with his classmates, does he fall under this category?

Classroom of the Elite’s creator has not made a formal announcement regarding the matter but we will try to understand Ayanokoji in a deeper sense in this article.

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Is Ayanokoji a Sociopath in Classroom of the Elite?

Is Ayanokoji a Sociopath?
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In Classroom of the Elite, Ayanokoji is known to be a mysterious character. He likes being alone and doesn’t take credit for anything he does, even if he saves the class all the time.

He is socially awkward and struggles with communicating with people. Viewers can see him isolating himself but it appears that this personality is what he chose to have.

Ayanokoji can talk to his classmates without issues if he wants to. It is just that he prefers to stay away from them. He might appear like a sociopath to others but he might not be.

He also follows the rules and norms, which sociopaths do not. His actions might be impulsive but each episode shows a recap of him planning something and giving someone the credit.

Sure, Ayanokoji can be manipulative and make people think that he is a psychopath but is he a sociopath? Probably not. The series also showcased some hints about his past, especially in the White Room.

His personality and drive to win might have come from this time there, considering that he is the only person who remained in the room. Ayanokoji is not a typical protagonist. He is extremely smart, focuses on himself, and tends to ignore almost everyone who doesn’t benefit him.

He does have some moments when he seems to be a normal high school student. This can be evident when he is with Sakura.

Although we can’t really tell if he doesn’t have a bigger motive with her, curious viewers will have to wait for Classroom of the Elite season 2 to find out.


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