Did Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Agree To Take Some Time Apart? Actor Bonds With Son Samuel At A Gas Station Sans Wife

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Ben Affleck once again proved that he’s a loving dad to his kids. This week, the Batman actor was photographed hanging out with his only son, Samuel. During the outing, the young boy showed his newly-trimmed hair after months of sporting long locks.

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Jennifer Lopez Did Not Join Ben Affleck, Samuel During Their Outing Because She Was At The Recording Studio

Photos of the father and son bonding also show Ben Affleck wrapping his arms around his son while they walk around a gas station. For the outing, the actor donned a casual outfit.


Visibly absent from the outing is Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez. The latter was photographed leaving a studio while her husband and stepson were hanging out.

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Did Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Agree To Take Some Time Apart After Their Wedding?

Other than the couple’s recent but separate outings, Affleck and Lopez also made headlines amid rumors that they agreed to spend some time apart three weeks after they tied the knot in Las Vegas.

According to Marca, Affleck and Lopez reached a consensus and agreed that spending some time apart can strengthen their relationship with each other.


The alleged decision also seemed very timely and convenient because Lopez and Affleck are busy with their work. So, there are really times wherein they couldn’t spend time with each other.

However, there’s still no proof that Affleck and Lopez agreed to purposely spend time apart to ensure that the spark in their marriage will never be lost.

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Ben Affleck Spoke With Jacob Elordi About The Struggles Of Being Famous


Meanwhile, Affleck reportedly gave his Deep Water co-star, Jacob Elordi some words of wisdom about fame. When the latter spoke with GQ, he said that he asked Affleck for advice on how to navigate his success and the dad of three gave him the best response.

According to Elordi, Affleck admitted that there were times wherein he lost his authenticity and sometimes even felt like a phony for oddly craving tabloid coverage at times.

However, Affleck and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner have always been open about the negative effects that the paparazzi had on their kids.

In 2013, the actor said that it’s wrong and disgusting when tabloids follow his children everywhere they go.


“It’s wrong and disgusting to follow children around and take their picture and sell it for money. It makes the kids less safe. My kids aren’t celebrities. They never made that bargain,” he said (via Business Insider).

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