Dexter: New Blood Season 2 News & Update: Prequel Series in the Works Instead of a Second Season, Showtime Says

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Showtime has cancelled Dexter: New Blood Season 2. The follow-up to the original series was renewed for a 10-episode run in November 2021.

While rumors of a possible second season circulated, nothing was ever verified. However, any prospects for a second season have been dashed, according to TVLine. Showtime, however, isn't ready to let go of the Dexter universe just yet.


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No More Dexter: New Blood Season 2

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 has been cancelled at Showtime, but the franchise will continue, according to a new report from TV Line. It was reported in the statement that it is still looking for fresh stories to tell, including a prequel series focusing on a young Dexter.

There is plenty of existing lore to work with should this and other Dexter universe show possibilities ever move forward, but that doesn't mean they will.


The information was released shortly after it was revealed that Showtime and Paramount+ would merge their streaming services. Showtime series cancellations followed the merger right away.

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Critical Success

Dexter premiered in 2006 and lasted eight seasons till 2013. It followed Dexter Morgan, a Miami Metro PD blood spatter analyst who indulged in a little serial murdering in his leisure time. He did, however, follow a code and only killed other killers and criminals he thought deserved it.


New Blood picks up a decade after the original series finale. Dexter has migrated to the fictional Iron Lake, New York, where he goes by the alias Jim Lindsay. Despite having left his former habits behind, a new case rekindles his dark desires.

Michael C. Hall won't likely play a part in the prequel, but if he does reprise the role that made him famous, it wouldn't be the most shocking Dexter revelation.

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Although the prequel series' current state of development is unknown, it might still be some time before it comes to Showtime following the cancellation of Dexter: New Blood Season 2.