Delvey’s Dinner Club Release Date, News & Update: Fake Heiress of Inventing Anna Fame Gets Own Reality Show + Details

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

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The convicted con artist Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, who was the subject of a widely shared New York magazine article and the inspiration for the Netflix series Inventing Anna, is reportedly working on a reality TV series as her new venture. Called Delvey's Dinner Club, the series will have Delvey inviting guests to her home for a private meal.

What's Known About Delvey's Dinner Club So Far

Visitors will dine with Delvey at her house in Delvey's Dinner Club.

Producers said on Wednesday that the former "Soho grifter" with Russian roots, who is on house arrest due to visa overstaying, will host "celebrities, moguls, and glitterati" for dinner parties in her Manhattan residence for an unscripted series.

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After overstaying her visa in October of last year, Delvey was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody; she had already served her sentence for a 2019 attempted grand larceny conviction.

Delvey's Dinner Club, produced by Butternut, purports to show Delvey discussing her criminal past, reputation as a scam artist, attempts at image rehab, and isolation due to house arrest with her "esteemed" visitors.

"She'll do it through what's already become one of the hottest tables in town — invitation-only, intimate dinners at her home," as stated in the press release via Variety.

"There, a Delvey-invited group of actors, musicians, founders, socialites, journalists, and other esteemed guests will join her each week around a private-chef catered table replete with candid conversations where no topic is off-limits – including Anna's experience within the criminal justice system, her strategy to rebuild her image and her plans for the future."

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Who to Expect at Delvey's Dinner Club

Delvey told Page Six that dream guests for the new series include Elon Musk, Madonna, and even disgraced (and currently under house arrest on fraud charges) crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

Delvey was sentenced to nearly five years in jail for scamming $200,000 from investors while posing as a fake heiress. Her antics were documented in a 2018 story for New York magazine by journalist Jessica Pressler, which served as the inspiration for Shonda Rhimes' Netflix series Inventing Anna.

Netflix reportedly paid Sorokin $320,000 for the rights to her name in Inventing Anna, albeit the majority of the money went toward restitution, taxes, and legal bills.

Wheelhouse Entertainment, which was founded in collaboration with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, will assist in the production of Delvey's Dinner Club. The producers are pursuing all unscripted buyers because the show does not yet have a platform.

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