Warm Bodies TV Series News & Update: What a TV Adaptation Could Mean For Movie Stars Nicholas Hoult & Teresa Palmer

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Instead of a movie sequel, it's likely we'll be getting a Warm Bodies TV series. The book it's based on, written by Isaac Marion, starred Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer in the 2013 film and was well-received by both critics and fans alike.

But in a new interview, Marion said that, initially, there were talks of creating a sequel to the film, but that the "movie sequel morphed into a TV series." What does that mean for Hoult and Palmer?


Warm Bodies TV Series: Isaac Marion Explains the Transition

Marion teases a future Warm Bodies TV series based on his entire series of books in an interview with Syfy.

"There was a time when it seemed like a sure thing, contracts were drawn up, etc., but for some reason, it keeps sliding around. Talks of a movie sequel morphed into a TV series, which was actually announced as 'in development' a couple of years ago, only to mysteriously go silent," the novelist explained.

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"I'm only peripherally involved at this point, so I don't actually know what's going on behind the scenes. It's all a big tease for me. But they did option all four books for TV, so it's still possible. To me, Warm Bodies is just the opening act of the story —it's actually 18 percent of the total word count — so it would be a dream to see the rest of it on screen someday."

Could Nicholas Hoult & Teresa Palmer Appear in the Warm Bodies TV Series?

While the film Warm Bodies was well-received and a box office hit, it only covers one of Marion's four-book series. As Marion mentioned above, that is only a small percentage of the series, so there are lots more that might be covered in a TV adaptation, even if Hoult and Palmer cannot be brought back.

The New Hunger, a prequel novel to Warm Bodies, follows protagonist Julie as her family fights to survive in a post-apocalyptic America.


The two follow-up books, The Burning World and The Living, follow Julie and R as they learn more about his past and watch him "recover" from his demise. Warm Bodies was praised for being a lighter read, whereas the following volumes were praised for being heavier and more serious.

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According to a deal between Lionsgate and the film's director, Jonathan Levine, a Warm Bodies TV series was announced to be in the works in May 2019. It was believed that the series would debut solely on a streaming service rather than on cable at the time, though little else had been revealed.

However, there have been no additional updates on the series after the announcement. Marion claims that the project has gone "mysteriously silent," and that while he is still active, it is not in a big capacity.


With Marion still eager to see the series go into production, there may be hope for a Warm Bodies TV series after all.

However, with Marion still reaffirming his interest in the series and reminding Warm Bodies fans of the project's existence, this could be the push the series needs to restart development.

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