Demon Slayer: Are Tanjiro and Muichiro Related?

Demon Slayer: Are Tanjiro and Muichiro Related?

Demon Slayer: Are Tanjiro and Muichiro Related?

One of the theories surrounding Demon Slayer is Tanjiro and Muichiro’s relationship. Fans speculate that the two are related mainly because Tanjiro and Muichiro’s father have the same red eyes. So, are Tanjiro and Muichiro related?

And if so, does that mean Muichiro can also do the Sun Breathing Technique? Continue reading to find out!

Spoiler Alert: There are minor spoilers for Demon Slayer below!

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Are Tanjiro and Muichiro Related?

Are Tanjiro and Muichiro Related?
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Despite Tanjiro and Muichiro’s father having the same eyes, the Mist Hashira and Tanjiro are not related.

There is also no official explanation as to why Tanjiro and Muichiro's father have the same eyes. It can be purely coincidental, or it might be a way to help Muichiro remember his past.

Though they are not blood-related, it was revealed that Muichiro and Tanjiro have some sort of shared history.

Tanjiro and Muichiro's Father
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Specifically, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the demon slayer Muzan feared, is a far descendant of Muichiro, while Tanjiro is a descendant of Sumiyoshi Kamado.

Both Yoriichi and Sumiyoshi were said to be close friends. This is also the reason the Kamado family knows the Fire Dance.

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So, Can Muichiro Use the Sun Breathing Technique?

Does This Mean That Muichiro Can Use the Sun Breathing Technique?
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While that can be a good plot twist, sadly, Muichiro cannot use Sun Breathing. Instead, he uses the Mist Breathing Technique, which was derived from the Wind Breathing Technique.

As the name suggests, Mist Breathing mimics mist and replicates it using the movements and abilities of the user. Since it is based on mist, the moves are usually swift strikes.

Some attacks allow the user to envelop the enemy in mist, making it hard for the opponent to use their senses.

Mist users also visualize themselves controlling mists before their attack.

Muichiro is the only known user of the Mist Breathing Technique. He wears baggy clothing to maximize his attacks, allowing him to move freely whenever necessary.

Some fans believe it is a shame that Muichiro did not inherit the Sun Breathing Technique, while others think that Mist Breathing fits his fighting style better.

He is excellent at disappearing and randomly reappearing like a mist and he uses this advantage to win against his enemies.

Muichiro Sun Breathing Technique
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His swift movements add impact to his strikes, catching his enemies off guard.

While we will never know the real reason Muichiro uses the Mist Technique (other than it fits his fighting style), we can agree that with his innate skills, he is the best person for this ability.

Do you think Muichiro can still learn the Sun Breathing Technique? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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