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New Deadpool 3 Set Photos Spoil Another Returning X-Men Villain

Credit: 20th Century Fox

For the past few days, several set photos from Deadpool 3 have surfaced online as production of the MCU film resumed a few weeks ago following the end of the actors' strike.

We learned that the X-Men villain Sabretooth is confirmed to return in the film as the photos revealed that Deadpool and Wolverine are going to fight him at some point which would result in his gruesome death.

They also unveiled that the film will have references to Moon Knight and Captain America: The First Avenger as vehicles that were first featured in those MCU projects were spotted on the set as well.

Now, once again, we have another new set batch of photos that revealed the return of another X-Men villain.

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New Deadpool Set Photos Reveal Toad Return and TVA Appearance

Toad in X-Men
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Credit: 20th Century Fox

A new batch of set photos from Deadpool 3 has surfaced online yet again as it revealed another returning X-Men villain and a major connection to an MCU series.

The X-Men villain Toad (played by Ray Park in the original film) was seen riding the Fantasticar on the set, revealing the character's return. It is unclear yet whether Park reprised the role or another actor was standing in.

You can check the photo here (via @CanWeGetSomeToast):

The TVA Minutemen from Loki was also spotted on the set, confirming the rumors that the organization will have an involvement in the story of the series. However, they are donning a new uniform that is different from the MCU series.

There have been rumors that part of the film is set in the Void which probably explains why we're seeing Deadpool and Wolverine in this location on the set photos and encountering a lot of MCU easter eggs and cameos of characters from the Fox movies.

It is interesting to see if there will be more leaks in the coming weeks as production is still ongoing, but it is also unfortunate for some fans since avoiding spoilers would be more difficult as they continue to surface.

The biggest takeaway so far here is that we probably have barely scratched the surface of what surprises they have in store for the film.

Deadpool 3 is slated for release in theaters on July 26, 2023.

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