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Deadpool 3 Resumes Filming Following End of Actors' Strike

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 3 was one of the many Hollywood productions that were shut down when the actors' strike commenced last July. As a result, its release date was also pushed to late summer next year.

When the strike ended earlier this month, it was reported that the MCU film is one of the high-profile projects that are being prioritized to restart filming and we also learned that Marvel Studios planned to return to the set by around Thanksgiving time.

Now, we finally have an exciting production update on the highly-anticipated MCU film as we have official word on its resumption.

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Marvel Executive Confirms Deadpool 3 Has Resumed Filming

Deadpool 3
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In her recent Instagram post, Marvel Studios executive Wendy Jacobson confirmed that Deadpool 3 has resumed filming just in time for Thanksgiving Day.

"This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the gifts of being back at work and watching the sun rise from set today. Speaking of gifts, these icons return to the big screen JULY 26, 2024," she wrote in her caption.

There is no doubt that this is exciting news for fans since we have official word now that Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and the entire team are back on set to continue their work for the film.

Back when production shut down last July, the film was only halfway done in its filming. When the strike was prolonged, it was deemed impossible to reach its planned early May release next year which led to its two-month delay.

While they were waiting for the strike to end, post-production already began on the footage that was already shot. Director Shawn Levy has also done numerous interviews to tease about the upcoming movie.

Hopefully, things will work out well in the production team's favor throughout the second half of their filming and they will be able to make it on its late summer release in order to avoid another delay. There's also a lot of stake in the film since it's the only MCU theatrical release next year.

We might be hearing more news and updates about the project in the coming weeks or months, especially once the marketing campaign begins around early next year.

Deadpool 3 is slated for release in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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