Deadpool 3: Emma Corrin's Villainous Role Reportedly Revealed

The Crown
Credit: Netflix

The Crown
Credit: Netflix

A lot of MCU fans are looking forward to Deadpool 3 not only because it will feature the return of Ryan Reynolds as the titular mercenary, but it will also bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine years after last playing him in Logan.

We've heard rumors for the last several weeks that the film will also feature more returning actors from the Fox Marvel movies in the vein of Spider-Man: No Way Home. So far, Jennifer Garner's Elektra is the only confirmed cast member who is making a cameo.

The film is also expected to feature new characters that are making their MCU debut with one of them being played by The Crown breakout actor Emma Corrin, whose role is still kept under wraps except that it is a villain.

Now, as more alleged scoops are being revealed surrounding the movie, it looks like we may have the information regarding Corrin's villainous role in the film and it sounds like they are set to play a familiar character who has a major connection to Charles Xavier.

Emma Corrin is Reportedly Playing Cassandra Nova in Deadpool 3

Cassandra Nova
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Credit: Marvel Comics

According to a post from scooper CanWeGetSomeToast on X, Corrin is set to play Cassandra Nova in Deadpool 3. They are expected to be one of the villains in the film.

As described by the scooper, in the comics, the character is Charles Xavier’s evil twin who is his "equal and exact opposite" and "tried to telepathically kill her in the womb but she survives the attack and spends her life rebuilding a body to enact her revenge against him."

They didn't lay out whether the MCU version of the character will follow the same origins from the comics or how she will play into the story of the film. Marvel Studios has not also commented yet on the scoop.

Considering that the second film has Xavier's stepbrother Juggernaut as the villain, it does make sense that they'll go for his sister this time around to become the antagonist in Deadpool's third solo movie.

Unlike Juggernaut, there is a chance that we might actually see Cassandra have a scene together with Xavier since there are rumors that Patrick Stewart will show up in the film and it's interesting to see how they'll face off if they cross paths.

Since the film will deal with the multiverse and the scooper suggested that Cassandra is "one" of the villains, it also won't be surprising if we'll learn that she won't be the antagonist that they'll face in the climax and perhaps there is still a bigger looming villain that Marvel Studios is hiding from the public.

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Deadpool 3 is slated for release in theaters on May 3, 2024. You can check more details about it here.

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