DC's Cancelled Arrowverse Series Finds Hope in New Streaming Service

When DC's Legends of Tomorrow ended its seventh season on a cliffhanger and then was cancelled, fans were devastated. Some believe that the cliffhanger is for the better, while some campaign that the show deserves the chance to do a follow-up to their story. Upon the cancellation news, fans took to social media to advocate for saving the Arrowverse series, and an unexpected streaming service has tuned in to their outcry.

Fans have been using the hashtag #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow to draw some attention to the DC series while tagging popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, and Hulu to pick up the show for an eighth season, and in one of the tweets, a free, ad-supported streaming service responded positively to the fans’ crusade.

“Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion,” Pluto TV tweeted in response. “We love DC's Legends of Tomorrow too! Our viewers are important to us, and we care about what you have to say. Rest assured that your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate team.”

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Pluto TV is a video streaming service owned and operated by the Paramount Streaming division of Paramount Global. It primarily offers a selection of content that comes directly from providers. Viewers can access their catalog through their website as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. As of October 2022, Pluto TV had around 72 million monthly active users.

Premiering in 2016, Legends of Tomorrow ran for seven seasons on The CW. It initially follows the plot of Rip Hunter, who is tasked with putting a group of diverse heroes (aka legends) in front of a life-altering threat. The series was one of several long-running DC Arrowverse programs before it was cancelled by the network in 2022, which also included Batwoman after three seasons and The Flash after nine.

When The CW revealed in March that it had renewed only seven of its 19 scripted original series, including The Flash for its ninth and final season and Superman & Lois for its third season, Legends co-showrunner Keto Shimizu felt the need to speak up about what happened to their show. “The cliffhanger isn't the CW's fault. It's mine. I played chicken with the pickup and lost. Hopefully, the story can continue in another form.” she said.

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In November, James Gunn acknowledged fans' #SaveLegendsofTomorrow campaign. “Opened up Twitter at the end of a long, creative weekend to see the many tweets to #SaveLegendsofTomorrow & #ReleaseTheAyerCut. As the new (& first ever) CEOs of DC Studios, Peter [Safran] & I think it’s important we acknowledge you, the fans, & let you know we hear your different desires for the pathways forward for DC,” he wrote.

Despite his stated awareness, Gunn has yet to state whether he will give the Legends their own space in his new DCEU; after all, he wants to start over with his franchise. Fans can only hope that Pluto TV's response will not remain a false hope.

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