Daredevil Actor Charlie Cox Talks About The Possibility Of Defenders Season 2

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Marvel TV might have brought its heroes together in The Defenders, but now that Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones, Mike Colter's Luke Cage are all busy working on their own solo series, Daredevil actor Charlie Cox isn't sure whether there'll be a second season of the superhero team-up series.

Speaking with fans at the Las Vegas Comic Con (via ComicBook.com), Cox admitted that while he had a great time working on the first season of The Defenders, he's still unsure whether or not Marvel TV is going to work on season 2 of the series.


"I have no idea about Defenders. I know that I had a great time doing the first season and I love those guys and I love the work that we did and I love all of their shows," Cox said.

However, the uncertainty of The Defenders season 2 doesn't mean that Cox doesn't get to meet up with his co-stars behind-the-scenes. According to the Daredevil actor, he regularly runs into Ritter, Colter, and Iron Fist actor Finn Jones in the building that the's filming in.

"I see the other guys in the corridors, I'm filming the last season, the last episodes of Daredevil, let's say, and there's Krysten [Ritter] starting up season whatever of [Marvel's] Jessica [Jones] and [Marvel's Iron Fist star] Finn [Jones] lives in my building now," Cox told fans. "The other day, I went down to get in the van to go to work and the driver's there and [he stares at me and] I look at this guy and I realize I've never met this guy before in my life and he's waiting for Finn, not me. I feel very proud, it's very cool."

Though there isn't any word regarding a second season of The Defenders just yet, Marvel TV may very well be building towards a new season for the series, working on the group's different standalone series before gathering them together again for The Defenders.

Daredevil Season 3 is expected to premiere sometime this year.

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