Punisher Showrunner on Fan Reaction Affecting Season 2

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Marvel's The Punisher has been a huge success for Netflix, continuing the trend of acclaimed Marvel shows on the streaming service that started with Daredevil all those years ago. With the second season already filming, it's only a matter of time before we get a release date or trailer for it. Steve Lightfoot, the showrunner for both seasons, has discussed how he will be handling these episodes and beyond.

Considering how fans mostly enjoyed his work on the show, Collider asked him if that affected how season two was structured. Lightfoot admitted that was a tricky question since he knows that there are fans who love and hate the show. In the end, he will do what feels true to the character, so expect plenty of killing.

"That's always tricky because you get such a variation, some people love it, some people hate it, some people are in the middle. My personal opinion with that stuff is you just have to be true to the character and the story you choose to tell. You want them to love it obviously, but if you start worrying about the audience it can be a trap. I think we just have to keep trying to be true to Frank's character and make him someone people want to hang out with."

One question fans will find interesting is if Lightfoot prefers having 13 episodes or if he would settle for 10. Though acclaimed, the Marvel Netflix shows have been criticized for their slow pace, sometimes grinding to a halt and feeling like filler. Lightfoot does prefer 13 since it gives him more story to tell and feels that the slow burn works very well for this kind of show.

"It's an interesting thing, that. People have always said to me, ‘Do you wish you'd have had 10?' and then I say, ‘Well then you would've had less story.' I always wanted it to be a slow burn show. I always felt like we had the right amount for 13, and you've gotta have enough story for that but I like how slow burn and character-driven the shows are."

The Punisher can now be streamed on Netflix.

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