CRAVITY Hypes Fans with Upcoming Projects for 2022

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Credit: CRAVITY/YouTube Screenshot

CRAVITY prepares more exciting projects for their fans as they begin 2022 with a new album.

Nearly two years since they debuted, CRAVITY consistently showed their dancing, rapping, and singing skills that helped them earn the title Monster Rookies in 2020. Although they debuted when people started focusing on supergroups, the nine-membered group left an impressive impression by winning several awards and recognitions soon after their debut.

So far, they have already offered one studio album, three extended plays, and four singles.

For the year 2022, Starship Entertainment’s boy group plans to expand their network even more, and they set their goals to achieve that.

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CRAVITY Coming Back to Reach Goals

Through their interview with The Star Magazine, the K-pop boy group took their chance to promote their upcoming album, LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS. At the same time, they hyped fans with what they should expect from the group this year.

According to the nine members, they created the album while feeling happy and high. With that said, fans should look forward to seeing the bright and playful side of the group this 2022.

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“We want to show you an energetic and bright side [of us]. In our title track ‘Adrenaline,’ we expressed a desire for freedom in a refreshing and cheerful way. There are various sounds and key points to our choreography, so please look forward to it,” CRAVITY members said.

The group then tackled their goals in the next few months, saying they aim to make their new song the No. 1 in most charts. CRAVITY also expressed their desire to collaborate with other K-pop groups at year-end awards.

What Being Part of CRAVITY Feels Like

As their popularity continues to skyrocket, members got candid about the real meaning of CRAVITY and what they truly feel when performing with the group.

Wonjin compared the team to bibimbap, saying that the members are different in every way but shine brighter when they are together. They have already established a closer relationship since their debut, but Minhee still reportedly worries about the steps they should make to make the members shine more.

Amid all these, CRAVITY member Allen currently brings peace to the group by telling them how proud he is to see them having one mind to achieve one goal.

CRAVITY will show more of their side upon the release of LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS on March 22.

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