Constantine Reboot Reportedly Still Moving Forward at HBO Max

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It looks like fans don't need to worry about the planned Constantine reboot at HBO Max. A new report confirms that the J.J. Abrams series will still be moving forward and is not getting the axe fr Warner Bros. following the recent cancellation of Batgirl.


Earlier this month, it was announced that Batgirl had been cancelled by Warner Bros. despite being almost completed. The Leslie Grace film will no longer be released on HBO Max or in theaters, and the news had fans worried about the future of other DC projects on the streaming service. For instance, people were concerned about the new Constantine series that is expected to bring back Matt Ryan as John Constantine.

So can we still expect the Constantine reboot? Deadline reports that the project isn't getting the axe.


"One HBO Max project that sources point to as being on solid ground and moving along is Constantine, a darker reboot of the DC Comics character from British writer Guy Bolton. The project is set around a diverse lead, rather than the one played by Matt Ryan in the 2014 NBC series and The CW’s Arrowverse, or the 2005 Keanu Reeves feature film," the report reads.

This is great news for fans who are eager to see more of Constantine in the future. However, it is still unclear when the project will begin production.

The Sandman recently introduced a new version of the character. Joanna Constantine appeared in two episodes of the Netflix series and was played by Jenna Coleman. Fans are hoping that the exorcist will get her own spin-off series in the future, and Neil Gaiman approves of the idea.


For now, the Constantine reboot has not yet been given an official production start or release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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