DC Fans Want Matt Ryan to Reprise Role as Constantine in Upcoming HBO Max Series

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Credit: CW

To a lot of DC fans, Matt Ryan is the definitive version of John Constantine and quite frankly, it's hard to argue considering the actor has played the role flawlessly in both live-action and animated forms. This is why people were thrilled when it was announced that HBO Max will be working on a Justice League Dark project which J.J. Abrams will helm.

The general belief amongst fans is that Matt will reprise his role as Constantine for the said project but as it turns out, HBO Max has other plans, and it doesn't concern the 39-year-old Welsh actor. In a new development, the streaming service is also working on a solo Constantine spinoff which could potentially tie directly into Abrams' JLD.

This time around, HBO Max is looking to cast a person of color to play John Constantine and according to the good folks over at Illuminerdi, they're eyeing a Riz Ahmed type of actor to play the lead role.

Currently, Ryan is a series regular in DC's Legends of Tomorrow where he plays the brash, cocky, and dry-witted occult detective but fans are still lobbying to see him in the HBO Max project. See some of the reactions below:


I guess it makes sense for HBO Max to move forward with their own Constantine project without Matt Ryan considering he's still busy doing his gig over at the CW but I gotta say, the new actor they're planning on casting will have huge shoes to fill because whether you'd like to admit it or not, Matt has already owned the role.

Other details about HBO Max's Justice League Dark and Constantine have yet to be disclosed.

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