The Sandman: Jenna Coleman Learned Latin to Play Joanna Constantine

One of the most intriguing characters in The Sandman is undoubtedly Johanna Constantine, the gender-bent version of John Constantine. After all, the character is just as skilled (if not better) than her male counterpart and was perfectly played by none other than the former Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman.

But playing an exorcist is not just about looking good in a trenchcoat. Jenna Coleman confirms she had to learn Latin in order to properly exorcise the demons she had to face in The Sandman.

Jenna Coleman recently spoke to Total Film along with The Sandman co-stars Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Gwendoline Christie. During the interview, Coleman confirmed that she took the time to learn Latin for her role in the Netflix series.

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"I had to learn Latin for this at the same time as learning French for The Serpent, and they are so different in terms of the way you move your mouth. It's basically the entire opposite of what you do for French. So that, in particular, was challenging," Coleman said. She then shared how she managed to memorize her lines more easily.

"I would find myself, when we were doing a lot of voiceover work and me walking around London actually, just repeating and repeating the lines. Performing exorcisms, as I was going about my day," Coleman said.

It's amusing to imagine Jenna Coleman just walking around London performing exorcisms and it certainly worked out for her in the end. With that in mind, we're hoping that we'll see more of Joanna Constantine in the future.

Fans have been asking for a spin-off show focusing on Constantine since the premiere of The Sandman and Neil Gaiman himself has supported the idea. Needless to say, we're keeping our fingers crossed on more of the character soon.

All 10 episodes of The Sandman are now streaming on Netflix.

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