Constantine 2 Reportedly Canned by Warner Bros.

When DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran announced their plans for the first slate of the new DCU franchise, one of the projects that were notably absent is the recently-announced Constantine sequel with Keanu Reeves returning to reprise the role.

What's even more baffling about its absence is that the duo also mentioned non-DCU projects that are part of the "Elseworlds" such as the Matt Reeves' The Batman projects and the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker 2. It led to some fans wondering whether the plan will still happen at all.

So far, Warner Bros. and DC Studios have not commented yet about the actual status of Constantine 2 and it is still in development as far as we know. However, a new report has revealed that it might not be the case anymore.

As reported by The Direct, notable insider KC Walsh revealed on Twitter when he responded to a now-deleted tweet that Constantine 2 has been canceled by Warner Bros.

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In a follow-up tweet, Walsh explained that the project was given a green light due to "desperation" as the studio was not sure about the direction of the DC franchise during that time. In case you forgot, the announcement was made before Gunn and Safran were tapped as the heads of DC Studios.

While the studio is still mum about this alleged report, it is not surprising to hear the possibility that the project has been canceled since DC Studios has taken a new direction for the DC franchise and they haven't opened up about bringing back Reeves' Constantine as part of "Elseworlds."

There is still a chance that the film could still happen since it looks like they are open to doing the "Elseworlds" projects although it seems that their main focus right now is launching the new DCU franchise where they have a lot of projects already in the works. Let's just wait for more official updates about it soon.

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