The Flash Showrunner Campaigns To Write Swamp Thing Movie

In case you missed it, James Gunn has announced the next slate of DC Studios projects which would include a Swamp Thing horror film. It's an exciting update and fans are already loving the idea. Not surprisingly, even The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace is excited about the plan and is actively campaigning to write the screenplay for the upcoming project.

Last week, DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran shared their plans for the next projects which include Booster Gold, Supergirl, The Batman sequel, and Swamp Thing. The new projects are expected to begin production in the next few years but Eric Wallace already has his eye on one particular film.

Eric Wallace recently spoke to TVLine about the final season of The Flash but he was also asked if he was interested in any of the new DC Studios projects. The showrunner enthusiastically admitted that he wants to work on Swamp Thing.

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“I’m the world’s biggest Swamp Thing fanatic,” Wallace shared, “so without question the fact that they’re going to do another Swamp Thing movie with a big budget. Ohhhh! I was literally like, ‘Please call me. Please call me. I would love to write on that. Let me help you.’ I am not only a Swamp Thing fanatic, but I know a thing or two about character, and writing.”

We're not surprised that Eric Wallace is eager to join the Swamp Thing film. The character is one of the most underrated characters in DC comics and although it had its own live-action series, the show was cancelled soon after its release. Hopefully, the movie will finally give Swamp Thing the love it deserves and it would be awesome if Eric Wallace was involved in the project.

For now, the Swamp Thing movie is still in development but there have been reports that Logan director James Mangold will direct the film. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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