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Cobra Kai Season 6: Can Tory, Samantha Become Friends?

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Peyton List has finally addressed the long-standing question about her character, Tory, and Samantha (Mary Mouser) in Cobra Kai. After the previous season finale saw the two settling their differences, would they finally be friends in Cobra Kai Season 6?

Tory and Sam are known for being former enemies, but they have managed to set aside their feelings for the greater good. So, will it continue in Cobra Kai Season 6?

Could Tory, Samantha be Friends?

While promoting her new movie, The Friendship Game, List answered BuzzFeed’s question if Tory and Sam could be friends.

The 24-year-old revealed she and Mouser thought their characters could never be friends, but things started to change.

“At first, I remember being with Mary and someone asked that question. I cut her off and was like, ‘No, sometimes there's people who will just never be able to be friends. There's just too much that's happened,’” she said.

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“But I was younger when I started the show and when I said that,” she continued. “Now that time has passed, I've realized how things can heal and change and how petty boy problems can be. I mean, it was more than that too. Obviously, she accused [Tory] of stealing and all kinds of horrible things.”

Tory, Samantha May Put Aside Differences But

Despite what happened, List is convinced that their differences can be put aside, especially they’ve been through a lot.

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“Someone recently commented something that I really thought was interesting. It was a fan, and he said, "It seems like these girls are just fighting over these boys to get each other's attention. It's almost more about each other than it is about the boys," she stated. “And I was like, ‘Well, at the end of the day, maybe they just really like to fuck with each other. Maybe they just really like each other.’ Not in a romantic way, but like they would be such a badass friendship pair.”

Though Tory and Samantha have already set aside their hate for each other, there’s still tension between them.

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The two are yet to talk about their past, compared to Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and Robby (Tanner Buchanan), who started joking around as future siblings in Cobra Kai Season 5.

The girls still have old animosities, which can flare up anytime once they no longer see any reason to work together. As List puts it, they all have the right to have ill feelings toward each other.

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