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Chuu's YouTube Channel Earns More Subscribers After Her Removal From LOONA


Former LOONA member Chuu is getting more love and support after Blockberry Creative removed her from the girl group. The company alleged that the K-pop idol used her power and verbally abused staff members.

Chuu and Blockberry Creative had been embroiled in legal disputes in the past months. For instance, she won a lawsuit that discontinued her contract with the company in March.

But after her exit from LOONA, she savored more love and support from fans, and her YouTube channel has been gaining more subscribers and followers.

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Chuu’s YouTube Channel Sees Increase in Subscribers

Chuu Can Do It’s YouTube channel recently uploaded new videos amid Blockberry Creative’s drama. It shared a new video on December 2, the first video since her removal from LOONA.

In the new episode, she spent time with her guest, Jo Yu Ri. Fans and viewers who had already watched the clip left positive comments for the idol, thanking her for uploading a new video despite the difficult situation.

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Aside from the heartfelt messages, Chuu also received support as the number of her followers increased. Even the videos’ view count reached an all-time high.

As of press time, she has 1.24 million subscribers.

What Happened to Chuu?

LOONA’s members and fans were left shocked after Blockberry Creative announced Chuu’s removal from the group.

It alleged that she misused her power as an idol in the past years.

"However, recently, there have been reports that Chuu has been verbally abusive and misusing her power against the staff. It turned out to be true, and the agency's head is now consoling the staff members. The agency has decided to take responsibility and remove Chuu from the group. We apologize to the staff who have been greatly hurt by this incident," part of the statement said.

Chuu’s bandmate, Hyunjin, has since expressed her rage following the decision. Fans also slammed the agency for reportedly lying in its statement.

Several renowned personalities and companies who previously worked with Chuu broke their silence and defended her from the company.

Before her removal, Chuu had already sparked rumors that she had launched her own company, Chuu Co., Ltd. It was claimed that her mother was acting as the director. At that time, Blockberry Creative said it did not know about it but told fans it would look into it.

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