Choi Ye Na Breaks Silence On Recent Malicious Rumor

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Choi Ye Na reached her dreams when she finally debuted with the temporary girl group IZ*ONE in 2018.

Before joining her current agency, Yuehua, Choi Ye Na underwent training with Polaris Entertainment. Years after hosting SBS' Cooking Class, she found herself on the reality girl group survival show, Produce 48, and represented her agency alongside Kim Si Hyeon and Wang Yiren.

After debuting as an idol, she became an actress and marked her appearance in Girls High School Mystery Class. She will soon be part of the Idol Dictation Contest and Fireworks Handsome.


However, she has to deal with a rocky road ahead after rumors about her emerge.

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Choi Ye Na Addresses Recent Rumors


Recently, Choi Ye Na has been bombarded with speculations that she has a secret connection with Jaesan Holdings chairman Lee Jae Hwan, the younger brother of CJ Group's chairman Lee Jae Hyun. The leaked messages between the businessman and "A" showed that the CEO acted as a sponsor for her and helped her become a fixed member of several CJ Group-affiliated programs and shows.

Yuehua Entertainment already denied the speculations, but Choi Ye Na herself chose to address the issue and dismiss the claims.

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In her personal statement translated by Soompi, Choi Ye na maintained she does not know Lee Jae Hyun and is not connected with anyone. She also informed everyone she has always worked hard on her job and received no help from other people to easily become a top star.

"It also hurts so much to think about how much the fans must have been just as surprised as I was. I'm not the subject of that rumor. It doesn't even have the slightest relation to me. Please don't worry," she went on.

To prevent the rumors from spreading, she told her fans she would do her best to leave the best impression on everyone.

Choi Ye Na Already Suffering


Choi Ye Na's fans already came forward and defended her against damaging rumors. They also asked the public not to pressure and bully her since the K-pop idol also dealt with the darkest time in the past.

When she finally debuted with IZ*ONE, Choi Ye Na revealed to the fans that she was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was a child. The National Cancer Institute explains that lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in the cells of the lymph system.

The K-pop idol did not disclose further details about her illness, but she revealed that her status became severe enough that the hospital told her parents to give up on her. Instead of having a fun, married life together, her parents reportedly needed to sell kimbap every day to cover her medical bills.

As she survived the dreaded illness, Choi Ye Na was given a chance to show what she got – and people only need to let her do her passion.

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