Choi Sung Bong Issue: YouTuber Shared Letter From Ex-Korea's Got Talent Runner Up After Faking Cancer

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Choi Sung Bong started paying the price after deceiving his fans with a fake cancer diagnosis.

As an aspiring singer, Choi Sung Bong wants to get people's attention again and be successful in the music industry. But he recently went viral for all wrong reasons after the public found out he was faking his illness.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho first raised his suspicion as several sources caught the singer purchasing a hospital gown online and even continued to smoke and drink despite his alleged diagnosis.


Although Choi Sung Bong has since been busted, he never offered public and formal apologies until recently.

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Choi Sung Bong Received Multiple Lawsuits; Penned Letter To Fans

On Sunday, Lee Jin Ho – a former Entertainment news writer – revealed to his subscribers that he received the letter the disgraced singer wrote to his fans.


He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he shared the content of Choi Sung Bong's letter. Lee Jin Ho also disclosed that the singer had been sued for several charges – including attempted fraud, accompanying fraud, fraud, and forgery. As of the writing, the plaintiff's investigation into what the singer did was already done, but the probe of the defendant is yet to happen.

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Meanwhile, part of the letter reads: "I am currently paying back the loans and sponsor money that I received from fans through my wages I am receiving at a clam restaurant in the countryside."

Choi Sung Bong added he used all the donations he received to pay off his debt and cover his living expenses. He clarified he never used the donations for entertainment businesses.

He then took his time to insist that he never abused his ex-girlfriend.

Choi Sung Bong Previously Admitted He Faked His Diagnosis

Lee Jin Ho's new video came over a month after Choi Sung Bong clarified to fans he was never really diagnosed with any illness. He never suffered from colon, prostate, thyroid, lungs, brain, and heart cancers. However, he did note that he has a recurrent depressive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.


The singer reportedly takes pills to finally overcome depression and sing again. Previously, an EMT even appeared on his live broadcast on his YouTube channel while seemingly parked in front of a bridge.

The public called him out again, saying how disappointed they felt when he tricked them.

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