Return Of Superman Star Bentley Goes Viral After Video Of Rare Sleeping Habit Emerged

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Sam Hammington's eldest child became the first star before Bentley arrived in 2017. At the time of the airing, William was around 100 days old already.

For years, the two children showed their potentials and capacities as kids. For instance, William has been sculpting himself to become an athlete.


Bentley, on the other hand, left a different impression by becoming the youngest Mukbang star by eating foods during the show's filming.

Aside from showing his lighted-up face whenever he sees food, Bentley recently shocked his fans with a never-before-revealed habit of him through a video recorded by his father.

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Return of Superman Star Bentley Sleeps With His Eyes Open

On Instagram, Sam Hammington shared a video of Bentley looking like he was in a daze while breathing slowly. He clarified that the video was not a still image and that his son was indeed sleeping with his eyes open.

"We went to play ice hockey but fell asleep on our way there~~ When I opened my eyes for a while, I saw that he was sleeping without his eyes closed~~ Haha. The truth is I don't really want to do it so I'm sleeping," he captioned the post.


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Fans shared mixed reactions to the video. Some found it amusing since it is not normal for a person to keep their eyes open while sleeping. Meanwhile, others expressed their concerns since it might dry the child's eyes and suggested he probably has a nocturnal lagophthalmos.

According to Science Direct, the term describes the person's inability to close their eyes during sleep, which might be caused by underlying illnesses. But for Bentley's part, it is only common for kids of his age and below to sleep without closing their eyelids.

Still, his parents are expected to teach him to grow out of it and consult a neurologist to learn why he slept like that.

The Hammingtons Leave The Return of Superman

Amid the worries the fans felt, they were also left sad and heartbroken by the Hammingtons' announcement last month.


On November 19, sources revealed to Soompi that Bentley and William completed their last recording for The Return Of Superman's episode. An insider from the show and Sam Hammington also confirmed the news.

The patriarch took his time to thank the fans who stayed turned and watched them over the last five years. He particularly expressed his gratitude since their supporters played a huge role in helping them to create more memories as a family.

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