Chainsaw Man: Naked Reze Cover Censored Ahead of Vol. 6 Global Release

Chainsaw Man Volume 6 is finally set for international release but it looks like Reze is getting a major makeover before then. The infamous cover featuring the naked Bomb Girl has been censored before the volume is made available in certain territories.

Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 Cover Gets Censored Ahead of Global Release reports that the Indonesian version of Chainsaw Man Vol. 6 will undergo some necessary censorship before being released in the territory. The censored version, which was shared by the Indonesian publisher M&C, features Reze in the blouse and skirt she wears in the manga.

It's an awesome way to censor the nudity to abide by the country's laws while also making sure Reze is given the proper treatment. Interestingly, Shueisha reportedly approves of the censored version of the volume.

Chainsaw Man Volume 6 is officially titled Boom Boom Boom and features the manga's Chapters 44 to 52. The original cover features the nude Reze posed strategically to cover certain body parts.

Reze has been an important character in the manga but she has yet to get a real debut in the anime. Although Reze was teased in the season finale post-credits scene, we didn't get to see her face. Needless to say, Reze is the one character everyone is looking forward to in Chainsaw Man Season 2.

In the manga, Reze is introduced in the Bomb Girl arc as a waitress who becomes interested in Denji. Although he is also attracted to her, Denji is concerned about how their friendship would affect his "relationship" with Makima. Reze is played by Reina Ueda, who previously voiced Kanao Tsuyuri in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

For now, Chainsaw Man Episode 12 is the anime's last episode. However, it is believed that the first season will get a second cour that will consist of another 12 episodes. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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